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Well, what do you know. This is a particularly grotty looking cafeteria. It should not be any wonder that it is also looking a little quiet inside. Who would want to sit at a grubby table that has not been cleaned? And never mind all the other things that constitute just blatantly poor service. But don’t you worry. It should not be long now. Whether foot traffic continues to move in opposite or passing directions, or the authorities act with the full force of the laws at their disposal, it should not be long before this business closes its doors for once and for all.

And thank goodness for that when it finally happens. People will be just so happy. The sight for sore eyes is gone. And then there’s that smell too. Neighboring business owners also sleep a lot better in the sound knowledge that known fire hazards have been eliminated. Because in this cafeteria was a kitchen hood that had not seen any form of cleaning, never mind a good restaurant hood cleaning orlando fl callout, for many months. It could have been years even, but never you mind that. Plenty of food for thought from now on.

That business owner who never bothered to clean his place up like he should have has got plenty of time to mull over those things he could and should have been doing while he stands in line in the unemployment line. It wouldn’t be surprising if all they’ve got to offer him is a job as a dishwasher. If he’s prepared to work, that ought to teach him a lesson or two. And yet, he’s been lucky so far. Because that filthy cafeteria of his could have burnt down and who knows how many people could have been harmed in the process.

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